Joanna marie art

Fine Art & Fantasy Portraiture

Joanna’s gorgeous, handmade artworks explore the relationships between humans and animals.

My Creations

Custom Portraits

My custom portraits start with several photos, which I use to paint the essence of a person. It’s not just a face, my goal is to capture who they are.

Art Prints

Art collecting is not everyone’s goal or budget, but I want my art to be accessible to everyone, so even if you don’t want to purchase originals, you can get prints and other merch showcasing my original art!

Original Art

I’m always getting inspired to do different things, and work in various series’ of styles. Those original artworks can be found for purchase here, and any particular style may never be revisited!

What Inspires Me?

Faces. Seeing how every little stroke can change an entire expression. Watching a person come to life through paint and pencil and brush.

Horses and felines, particularly the big cat variety. Both of these animal types are some of the most graceful and aesthetically pleasing to my eye, personally.

“Art is all about inspiration, bringing something new and magical to the world.”

Made With Love

My work is full of love. The love in every brush stroke, the love expressed, the love shown as a piece of art is gifted to someone. This is most evident in the parenthood series. It started with a portrait done for a secret santa Christmas gift, and ended up starting a new style for me and more gorgeous commission options!